How to Find UAN Number with mobile number in 10 Seconds

Forgot your UAN number? want to know your UAN number? if you want to get your UAN number by your mobile number without wasting your precious time, then you are at the best platform. Without wasting your time, in this article, you get the complete step-by-step process, where you can find your UAN number very easily. 

If you want to check your PF statements or want to check the statements related to your Salary, you must need a UAN number for that. You have to activate the UAN Number to check your salary related or Pf-related details. 

But, it is found that many of us lost our UAN number, so in this article, we will give you the shortest process where we can find our UAN number.

All you need to read this complete article and follow the given mentioned steps. Stay tuned with OyeLeCoupons for such related articles! 

How to find UAN number with mobile number

What Is UAN Number?

UAN stands for Universal Account Number, it is basically a 12 digits number which is basically the identity of every employee. With the help of the UAN number, you can easily able to get the information regarding UAN id. 

What Are The Ways To Find UAN Number?

There are various ways by which you can able to find the UAN Number, have a look at the best!

1. Know Your UAN Number Via SMS

2. Find Your UAN Number By miss call

3. Get Your UAN Number via Mobile Number

In this article, we are going to share the method in which you get to know how you can get your UAN Number with a mobile number in a very short period of time.

Steps: How To Know Your UAN Number With Mobile Number [Easy Guide]

Follow the given mentioned steps to know your UAN number very easily! 

1. On the very first step, Go to the EPFO website, where you can recover your UAN number

2.  You are on the EPFO, Know Your UAN Page

3. Here, you have to enter your Mobile number

4. Enter the Captcha Code and then request for OTP

5. Make sure, you are entering the right Captcha Code

6. After that, enter your One Time Password

7. Submit your request and then you can see your UAN Number in front of your screen

8. Write down your UAN number and use it for your personal 

Note: Make sure, never to share your UAN details to anyone, keep it private

How To Know UAN By Miss Call

Again, finding the UAN number by giving miss call is the yet another easiest way, have a look at the steps!

1. Open Dialpad and dial the number 9966044425

2. Give a miss call on that number

3. After that, you can able to see all the details of UAN and so on


Dear Friends, with the medium of this article, you get to know how you can know your UAN id. We are hoping that you find this article useful. Have any issues related to this post? then feel free to ask us in the comment section. Thank You!

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