Google Pay Mango Fest Offer - Get Rs.100 Assured Cashback

Hello Friends, looking for the Google Pay Mango Fest offer that is running now. You have a chance to get up to Rs.100 cashback on Google Pay by visiting this offer. Google Pay releases Google Pay Mango Fest offer is live now. 

With the medium of this article, we assist you so that you can get the up to Rs.100 cashback. You just have to collect the 200 mangos to unlock the Rs.100 cashback on Google Pay. You just have to read the complete article and follow the given steps to get free cashback from Google Pay. 

You just have to follow the given steps and play the game and enjoy the game, just complete the tasks and enjoy the Google Pay offer

About Google Pay Mango Fest Offer

Google Pay Mango Fest offer is officially announced by Google Pay. According to this offer, you just have to play the game in which you have to find out the 200 mangos and get cash back from it. Here we share with you the step by step to get the benefits of this offer. 

Google Pay Mango Fest Offer - How To Collect Mangoes & Activate Offer 

Have a look at the following given steps to get the benefits of this offer, activate the offer now! 

1. On the very first step, Open the Google Pay App and update it to the latest version

2. You can able to see the 'Google Pay Mango Fest Offer' banner, click on the it

3. If somehow you can able to see the banner, search out the Google Indi Game 

4. Instantly, you will get 5 to 10 Mangoes daily

5. Make click on the Mango Match Game, click on it Play Game

6. Collect the Mangoes from there, you can perform so many tasks and there you can collect so many mangoes

7. Now, you just have to collect 200 mangoes

8. You are eligible to get the cashback of Rs.100

9. Instantly, you will get a scratch card, you just have to scratch a card and you will get maximum Rs.100 cashback

10. All Done, you have a option to share your link to get more Google Pay assured cashback

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to collect more Mangoes in this offer?

Answer 1: You just have to share a link and there you just have to share a link and get the 200 mangoes. 

Question 2: What are the benefits of Google Pay Mango Fest Offer?

Answer 2: Users can get Rs.100 cashback on a Google Pay account. 

Question 3: Google Pay Mango Fest Offer validation time?

Answer 3: You just have to activate this offer by 7 July 2023


Dear Friends, we are hoping that you are able to activate this offer and get the Rs.100 cashback. If you have any problems or suggestions related to this article, then feel free to contact us. Thank you so much for reading this article. Thank You! 

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