Top 5 Career Opportunities & Scope After BCA: Jobs, Salary

Bachelor's of Computer Application(BCA) Career Opportunities 2024: Hey Guys! Today I am going to tell you about the list of best jobs, and career options after the BCA course. Dear BCA students, if you are worried about your career and facing problems to maintain your future after BCA, so this tutorial article is for you, Bachelor's of Computer Application is a very popular course for nowadays youth. BCA is a 3-year course, but when the students of BCA are in the final year of their course, he or they will be thinking about their future scope after BCA and they create a total mess. Don't worry, you just have to read our article carefully which helps you to choose your career option after BCA.

Bachelor's of Computer Application (BCA) Best Career Option Details

Top 5 Career Opportunities & Scope After BCA: Jobs, Salery, Posts & Many More
BCA Career Opportunities
Readers, I wanna request you to not only read this article but also follow any of the BCA career Options and make it our pleasure. Dear, future of India, without wasting your time let's begin this tutorial class. Thanks for choosing OyeleCoupons.

5. Government Jobs

Guys, the No.5 career option for BCA is to apply for Government Jobs. Guys, I wanna tell you very clearly that BCA is not good enough to apply for government jobs, hence, there is a very minority of Government Jobs for BCA available. But, don't worry you can apply for those government jobs very easily. Here, I will give you steps to apply for government Jobs after BCA

What Government Jobs & How to Apply for Government Jobs After BCA

  • First of all, Visit Fresherslive.com
  • Now, you have to select the BCA course
  • Here you got the list of government jobs
  • Now, read about the jobs and apply for it
  • Make your future bright

4. Freelance Jobs As a Programmer

A freelance programmer is known to be a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term or you can also say that a self-employed person and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. Guys, you can do some small jobs as a Freelance programmer if you have command in any of the Programming languages or Android, PHP, etc. As a Freelance programmer, you can get jobs in some low costing It companies. If you are preparing for some MCA and also want to do the job, so this is the best option for you.

3. Teaching Jobs 

Guys, you can also make your career in teaching after BCA. But to be a good teacher, one should have teaching skills. Everyone should not handle teaching jobs. So, before applying for teaching jobs, think twice. Dear users, you can apply for teaching jobs in Government and Private jobs as a teacher. To achieve a government job as a teacher one should have to B.Ed after BCA and to be a technical lecturer one should have to qualify for NET. But, if you want to make your future in the Private sector then you can open your own coaching and also teach in some private schools and colleges

2. Extra Ordinary Students: Jobs+ Degree Courses

Dear BCA users, some online companies invent time-to-time Jons+ Degree courses. You have a chance to do jobs after BCA and study for  Mtech by Wipro company. I know you think, how can one do Mtech after BCA. Guys, this Mtech course is for 4 years and Wipro and some TCS companies will give you jobs and degrees too. Below I will give you some important steps.

How to Apply for Job+Degree Via Wipro and Other Companies

  • First of all, Visit Wipro's official website
  • Now, here you have to fill out the form to apply for a job
  • Then, you have to do some qualifier exam to apply for a job
  • If you qualify, Wipro give all charges of your M-Tech and gives you a job
  • Thus, you will get a huge annual package
  • Or
  • You can also Visit, ignite.tcs.com
  • Here, you can also follow the same procedure
  • But, this company will provide MCA courses and Jobs as well
  • If somehow, you failed to achieve an MCA degree, your job will be safe
  • Once should have to qualify the entrance exam to achieve a job

1. Don't Go for Jobs, Do MCA

Guys, believe me, if you completing your BCA and want a good future then don't do jobs right now because it will not give you enough. My best suggestion is that you do a Master in Computer Application, BCA+ MCA is similar to B.tech. When you completed your MCA with the best colleges you will get a minimum of 7 to 8 Lakh packages. So guys, do not go to Jobs hell right now, Just focus on your study and do MCA. 

About (Top Career Options After BCA) Article

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