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Scammers are always finding various ways to reach you, so it's time to be aware and updated with new scams, we are talking about Fake Payment screenshot generator tricks, there are various UPI apps, in which users can easily generate fake payment screenshots. This article will let you know how you can generate Mobikwik fake payment screenshot maker online method. 

In this digital and upgraded era, scams are also getting upgraded, so it's time to fool those scammers. In this article, we give you the complete guide, so that you get aware of how to generate fake payment screenshots of the Mobikwik UPI App along with the account number receiver name, and details. 

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Fake Mobikwik Payment screenshot Online

About Mobikwik Paytm Screenshot

Mobikwik is an online UPI and online transaction platform like Phonepe, Paytm, GPAY, and more. Nowadays, people are generating fake payment screenshots online. The aim of generating this screenshot is to prank their friends.

But, most of the scammers are doing scams with this method, so all of you need to know about this method and get aware to avoid scams. Stay tuned! 

How To Generate Mobikwik Fake Payment Screenshots Online

Well, there are many ways of generating fake payments on Mobikwik, but, if talking about the easiest ways of generating fake screenshots of payment then here are the steps! 

1. First of all, Download the 'Prank Payment Apk'

2. Here, you can find the Online Payment App, search for Mobikiwk

3. Click on it, enter the amount

4. Enter the receiver bank details 

5. Enter all the needful details completely

6. All Done! this is how payment screenshots are made

Edit Online Payment Screenshot Through Canva

Another way to get Mobikwik online payment is to edit them through Canva or any other platform. Follow the given process to edit screenshots online. 

1. First, Open Mobikwik and take a screenshot of any previous payment

2. Open Canva Premium in your device, and upload that image, if you do have not Canva Premium, get it free Canva Premium subscription

3. Now, select the White Bar and make editing on it

4. If you need an editing guide on Canva then please post a comment in the comment section

5. Edit, NAME, Account number, and other details

6. Save the image, the screenshot is ready

How To Find Out Fake Payment Screenshots at Mobikwik

Finding a Fake payment screenshot is not a very big deal, users just have to open the Mobikwik and check the Payment history. If the payment is shown on the Payment history then the screenshot is real otherwise it's fake. 


Dear Friends, this is an informative article to make you aware of the Fake payment screenshot of the Mobikwik. We never promote any illegal content, this article makes you aware of the ways of generating screenshots of fake payments and how you can identify fake payment screenshots. 

If you have any problems or suggestions related to any article, then please write a comment on the comment section. Thank You!

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