Free Zomato Gold Membership | Get 3 Months Membership in Rs.49

 Today I have come up with a wonderful offer for my OyeLeCoupons family in they will get 3 months of free Zomato Gold Membership and that too for just ₹49.

This exciting offer is for all the food lovers or whose his that I am a foodie. This free Zomato membership helps you to get your favorite dishes and desserts at your place with various types of benefits.

Zomato gold membership unloc different types of rewards while ordering your meal or your favourite dishes from your loving restaurant, shops or outlets.

So without doing any further delay enjoy this exciting offer. I don't know again such a wonderful opportunity will come or not. Read whole article to unlock free Membership of Zomato for 3 months in just rupees 49 only.

Free Zomato Gold Membership | Get 3 Months Membership

Pay 49 & Get Zomato FREE Gold Membership

Zomato free gold membership is valid and working only on some particular Zomato members or account holders.

So to get this free Zomato membership for 3 months please check your Zomato account that this offer is showing or working in your account or not.

There will be a banner showing that free 3 months gold membership in just 49 rupees in your account. If this banner is showing that means you are eligible for this great opportunity of free gold membership.

There is no banner is not showing in your Zomato account then means you are not eligible for this offer.

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Steps to unlock free Zomato Gold Membership Account

All the steps to unlock this great offer are discussed below just follow the given step and enjoy free gold membership for 3 months in very nominal.

1. Open the Zomato app and login your account

2. If Zomato account does not exist please sign up in new sign up will rewards free 100 points also

3. After creating the new account go to the menu and then complete your profile. You should get 100% complete sign in profile section and 20 rewards point also.

4. Visit the free gold membership page link and you should have more than 100 points in your account. To redeem this offer 100 points is needed.

5. You will see the offers and other details related to the offers and how much points are needed to avail this offer. Besides that redeem button is given. Click on that

6. A new pop up window will come to confirm that you are interested in the offer. Again click on redeem button

7. Your free gold membership Code will appear on your screen note it down.

8. Again go to the home screen click on the gold button option and then go to the Promo Code section

9. Write the membership code and apply the code to enjoy your gold membership.


As soon as you can, use the free gold membership and order your favourite dishes or whatever food you want or whatever you want to eat in the meals. Enjoy this Zomato Gold Membership.

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