Jio 3GB FREE 5G DATA Offer- Software Update Offer

Jio is offering free data offer, we already share you best Jio data offer for you guys, and this time once again we are offering you free 3GB Data from Jio. Jio is offering their users free internet on their devices. 

This free Jio data is given to you for the purpose of getting a software update. If you are a Jio user, you got the message on your screen and you will receive the free 3GB 5G Jio data for free. If your mobile supports the 5G network then you receive the Jio 3GB free data in your account.

In this article, we are going to tell you the step-by-step process to activate this offer. you just have to change the 4G setup and upgrade it to 5G and then you will get the Jio free data in your account.

Stay tuned with this article and get the complete benefits for it! 

Jio 5G Software Update Offer
Jio 5G Software Update Offer

Jio Software Update Offer - Free Data

Jio is offering free data offer in your device, Jio is running a Software update offer for all the users of Jio. To enjoy the software update offer of free data, you just have to update your phone to a 5G-enabled device. 

All we need to follow the given mentioned steps and follow the given step to activate the Jio free internet offer. Follow the given steps and activate the offer! 

Benefits of Jio Software Update Offer

To get the benefits of the free data, activate the offer now and see how you can get the maximum benefits of this offer!

1. Users can get the benefit of Jio Free 5G data 

2. Users can also get the 3GB free 5G Data

3. Jio users enjoy the Jio 5g unlimited data benefits

4. Very easy process to avail free Jio data

Jio Software Update Offer - Jio Free Data [3GB]

Users just have to follow the given mentioned steps to activate the free Jio data of 3GB, activate the given mentioned steps. Users just have to follow the three basic steps, to enjoy the unlimited data Stay tuned! 

1. On the very first step, Open the Settings in your Mobile device in which the 5G network supports

2. Open the settings, click on the General

3. There, click on the Software update option

4. After that, you need to select the 'Download and Install Update' option

5. Again, on the Settings go to the Cellular option

6. There, choose Cellular Data, option and then select Voice & Data

7. There after, choose the 5G Auto option

8. Now, its time to update your phone software

9. Jio 3GB 5GB data will credit on your device then

10. Enjoy free Jio 3GB 5G data for free


Basic Terms & Conditions

1. Users get the free 3GB Jio data on your device

2. Users can enjoy the free 5G internet service benefits

3. This software update free data offer is working for all users

4. Only those users can get the benefits of free data benefits that 5G network support

5. This offer is working for a limited period of time 


In this article, you get to know, how you can Jio free 3GB 5G data for free. Users just have to activate this offer and get the benefits of free 3GB of data for free. I hope you like this article, if you have any comments then please ask us below the comment section. Thank You! 

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