How To Buy JioAirFiber 5G Plans

JioAirFiber 5G is launched by the Reliance Digital official. This platform, helps you to boost the internet data speed, it gives you the speed like fiber in the air without any wire. JioAirFiber 5G service started in the top major cities like  Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata. With the medium of this article, you can get all the related information about the JioAirFiber 5G.

You can get the details like how you can purchase JioAirFiber 5G plan. You can get the details like JioAirFiber plans and offers. Have a look at this article, to get the benefits of the JioAirFiber plans. Stay tuned for this article! 
How To Buy JioAirFiber 5G Plans

About JioAirFiber?

JioAirFiber, brought to you by the game-changer in the Indian telecom industry, Reliance Jio, is taking the concept of home internet to new heights. This groundbreaking service is reshaping the way we experience the internet, offering unmatched speed, reliability, and convenience for homes across India.

Features Of JioAirFiber 5G

Have a look at the key features of the JioAirFiber!
  • Lightning-Fast Speeds
  • Unlimited Data
  • Seamless Connectivity
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Quick Installation
  • Future-Ready Technology
  • Affordable Plans

JioAirFiber Launch Date

JioAirFiber is yet to be launched this Diwali. Users can enjoy the benefits of the JioAirFiber in the year of 2022. Users can purchase from the Local Jio store and Jio online portal and Jio.com. Users can purchase the data plan with the help of a hotspot device. 

JioAirFiber Plan, Pricing & Speed

Plan Price (Rs)ValiditySpeed
99930 Days150 Mbps
149930 Days300 Mbps
249930 Days500 Mbps
399930 Days1 Gbps
749790 Days500 Mbps
1199790 Days1 Gbps
14994195 Days500 Mbps
23994195 Days1 Gbps
29988390 Days500 Mbps
47988390 Days1 Gbps


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