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In this article, we will explore the features of OkCupid Free VS Paid Subscription. There are some major differences between the OkCupid Free VS Paid dating app and we will tell our readers which is the best choice for them. What benefits does the user get in the OkCupid Free trial version vs Paid Version? In the OkCupid Paid Subscription version, users will get to know about those who like per day, but this feature is not available in the OkCupid Free version. Also in this article, you will get to know how to get Ok CupiD Free Premium subscription.

Same as this there are a lot of features that are not available in the free version but you will get in the paid version of Okcupid. To know about all the features and benefits just read the whole article till the last and find the best match for you with the help of this article.



Why choose Ok Cupid Dating App

Okcupid is one of the most trusted and popular dating applications available in the market. If someone is looking to be in relation and find the best match then I will suggest Ok Cupid. On Ok Cupid, millions of users are available on OkCupid from around the globe. But choosing the right one is always a challenge in both OkCupid's Free VS Paid versions. 

OkCupid does the comprehensive matching of the profile which generates more interest and gives preference to find the best match for you. OkCupid has some advanced search filter options and browser profile invisible features in the paid version which helps to find the best match for you. These are some basic reasons why to choose the OkCupid dating app only.

OK Cupid Free Version Offers

 In OkCupid's free version, there is an offer that a user can create a profile for free. They can upload their recent photos on the profile and scroll for the other user profile. If any user wants to send a message to any user there are some restrictions for that. To send a message to any user it is necessary that the user also liked your profile back and after liking it from both sides then only the user will be able to send the message to the user.

Not only this there is a limited number of likes profiles that can be liked in a single day as well as there will be ads shown in the free version also. Sometimes these ads are so much annoying for the user. All these are the features given in the OkCupid free subscription version.

OK Cupid Paid Version Offers

In OkCupid, Paid Version is also known as the A list version. In this version, there are a lot of extra features given. The most highlighting feature of the paid version is that you can see the profiles of those people who liked your profile to become your match. To see those profiles there is no need of liking back those profiles as needed in the free version of OkCupid. This helps the user to be more selective for their matching and sending massage to become their match.

These features save time as well as your effort also to choose the ideal match for you and when you are a member of A list it means that you can check or see anyone's profile without knowing them. It will be only visible to you, not the person you checked the profile of them. So just leave those certain profiles which you do not like. All these features are available only in the paid version of OkCupid.

OkCupid Membership Cost 

Type-               Total Cost                      Month                                            Plan Cost-                                                       

Basic                                              1 month                                        24.99$ monthly                                          24.99$

Basic                                             3 months                                        16.66$ monthly                                          49.98$

Basic                                             6 months                                        12.49$ monthly                                         74.94$

Premium                                              1 month                                         34.99$ monthly                                          34.99$

Premium                                              3 months                                         23.33$ monthly                                          69.99$

Premium                                              6 months                                         17.49$ monthly                                          104.94$

Add On Plan- For Boost                        1x                                                   6.99$                                                      6.99$

Add On Plan - For Boost                        5x                                                    5.99$ each                                                 29.95$

Add On Plan - For Boost                        10x                                                 4.99$ each                                                 49.99$

OkCupid Free Premium Subscription Promo codes [Unlimited Likes]

All these codes will work under some terms and conditions. These codes are also available for a limited period of time. So use these codes and make your bond with your ideal Love match. Activate the given promo code and get the maximum discount on a free premium subscription to Ok Cupid Dating App

MEMORIAL- 20% Off on OkCupid

SDERTA58- 50% Off Any Order at OkCupid Dating App

10OFF- Get 10% Off on OkCupid Dating App

SUMMER30- Get 30% Off on OkCupid Dating App

JMF EJF43- 10% Off All Orders at OkCupid Dating App

FREEDOM- Receive 20% Off on any order at OkCupid

ORIGINE3-  Free Online OkCupid Dating App

How to Add Ok Cupid Promo Codes While Making Transaction

1). Select the promo code which you want to use in the transaction

2) Finish the shopping and then go to the checkout page for the payment

3) On the payment page there is an option to apply coupons or promo codes. Enter the OkCupid Promo code there and then hit the apply button

4) please check the grand total because the discount amount will reflect in the grand total amount

5) after checking the discount is reflected then complete the payment to avail your discount amount in the shopping.

Terms & Conditions

1) All the Codes last for a limited period of time

2) These promo codes will work only for selected items

3) To know more exact information visit the official website

4) All the codes are once per usage only

5) All the codes are usable only when online shopping is conducted


Overall I would say that Ok Cupid is the best dating platform for those who are searching for a love partner or a serious relationship. It totally depends on you whether you choose the Ok Cupid free or Paid Subscription. Ok Cupid offers a lot more features to our users to find the best match for them. To whom they will be more compatible and happy.

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