[Solved] Google Pay Too Many Account Created On This Device Issue

It is harsh and painful to see Too Many Accounts Created On This Device issue on Google Pay. If you are a new user of Google Pay or creating an account on it with another device with an existing mobile number, users can face this issue. We are here to give the best possible solution for this Google Pay issue today. 

If Too Many Account Creation issues are detected in your device on Google Pay, this article will be very helpful. Stay tuned to this blog if you can't find your Google Pay account or have an issue regarding adding a card or something. 

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Google Pay Too Many Account Created On This Device Issue

What Is Google Pay?

We all know about Google Pay, online payment, and recharge application. On this platform, users can make online legit transactions. Google Pay is the most authentic and secure platform to do online transactions. This is the reason the number of Google Pay users is increasing rapidly.  

About Google Pay Issues

Well, there are various searches are about Google Pay Issue Today. Despite having very excellent services, somehow, Google Pay users are facing some issues while creating and Logging in to existing accounts on this platform. 

Have a look at some issues that users are facing on the Google Pay platform! have a look! 
  • Too Many Accounts Created On This Device issue
  • Can't Find Google Pay
  • Cannot Add Card to Google Pay
  • Google Pay Card type not supported the issue

Google Pay Issue Today [Solved]

We are sharing the Google Pay issues with the very possible solution below in this article. We are hoping that the given solution will be very helpful for our users.  

1. Too May Accounts Created On This Device - Google 

Well, this is the most common problem which users can faces while creating an account in Google Pay. Have a look at the best possible solution to this issue
  • First of all, Download the Google Pay App on your device
  • Enter a new or any other mobile number in the Google Pay
  • Create an account from the new number on it
  • Keep in mind, use your optional number or those which is of your known one
  • After that, complete the registration process
  • Now, verify your mobile number
  • After that, remove your number and add the number in which issues are shown before
  • Add this number to your Google Pay as a primary number
  • Done! Your account gets successfully activated from your desired number

2. Card Type Not Supported / Cannot Add Card To Google Pay

Dear Friends, many of our users are facing the issue of Card Type Not being Supported or cannot add the card to their Google Pay account or their card type not supported. Well, this is a temporary type of issue in Google Pay.

Sometimes. Google Pay not supported various cards when you are adding them on the Payment page. What you have to do, is to update your Google Pay application if you are using an old version of Google Pay. 

Furthermore, users can add those card details which is not been used before to avoid the Cannot Add Card problem in Google Pay. 


Dear Users, we are hoping that this article is gonna very helpful for you. With the medium of this article, users can solve the Google Pay issues regarding accounts. Thank you for reading this article, if you guys have any questions or suggestions related to this article then feel free to tell us below the comment section. Thank You!

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