[Free] Mythic Heroes Gift Codes 2024

Mythic Heroes Codes 2024Looking for Codes for Mythic Heroes, a shortcut to several in-game rewards?? Here we have compiled all Mythic Heroes Gift Codes for you. Redeem them as soon as possible and claim exclusive rewards like gold, diamonds, summon scrolls, and many more.

By these Mythic Heroes Code, you can gain access to anything that your heart desires that too for free. Use these codes and utilize the rewards to strengthen your army’s skills and ability before taking part in an epic battle against the Dark forces. 

This article also includes a brief section explaining the procedure of redeeming these codes, Mythic A Quest For Heroes Game info, Mythic Heroes Tier list, etc which will serve as a . We, your Mythic Heroes Guide are here to provide you any information you need about the game, all you need to do is to launch the game, claim your gifts and enjoy the game. 

Frame an elite team of unique Gods and Heroes of different cultures, work on their skills and abilities, and prepare yourself to take guard against the ever-looming threat, the Dark forces. Now the fate of the world is in your hand.

[Free] Mythic Heroes Gift Codes
[Free] Mythic Heroes Gift Codes

What are Mythic Heroes Codes

Suppose you are all set to start an epic battle to slay the devil’s army and suddenly you realize that your army is not strong enough to face them.  You need to strengthen your pre-existing character’s abilities and more fierce characters, but you don’t have enough game currency. 

This is where you will need our Mythic Heroes Gift Codes. These Mythic Heroes Codes will allow you free access to diamonds, gold, summon scrolls, and other such game stuff. In simple terms, these codes are unique combinations of characters, alphabets, or numbers, and when redeemed allow the user to gain some distinct in-game rewards for free. 

Some of these codes are time bound and can not be redeemed once they expire, while others are permanent and can be redeemed whenever required, but each can only be redeemed once.

How to use Mythic Heroes Codes:

Okay so you have your codes, but what’s the advantage of having them if you are not aware of the process of redeeming these Codes for Mythic Heroes. Although most of us are familiar with the process, if you are facing any difficulty regarding this issue, here’s how to use these codes:

Step 1: Launch Mythic Heroes Game.

Step 2: Tap on the Player icon placed at the top of the left corner.

Step 3: Tap on the Code option.

Step 4: Enter any one of these below listed Mythic Heroes Code

Step 5: Tap on the ‘Confirm’

Your code is now redeemed and the rewards will be reflected in your account instantly.


Mythic Heroes Active Codes:

Here’s your updated list of 100% working Codes of Mythic Heroes 2022:




Use it and  get Free Rewards


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds (New)


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds (New)


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get 3000 Diamonds (Free)


Use it and  get 20 Summon Scrolls (Free)


Use it and  get Free Diamonds


Use it and  get Free Diamonds

 NGN4R provides free diamonds but the quantity may be different for each individual player.

About Mythic Heroes Game

Available for both platform iOS and Android, Mythic Heroes is an Action based AFK RPG game developed by IGC. This game is set around a simple plot where the fate of Ascension Realm is being threatened by the awakening of some dark solid forces. 

You can summon armies of different gods and heroes from different cultures to create your own elite team and participate in some epic battles against these dark forces. The game includes a variety of characters including the Greek demigod- Hercules, the Legendary Beast- Count Dracula, One of the Greece OG five Gods- Gaia, the most feared underworld God- Hades, Eternal Youth Goddess Idun, Underworld Queen- Persephone, and countless others. 

So the game is all about summoning Mighty heroes and Gods, unlocking their epic weapons, Launching an all-out attack on the battlefield, defeating the enemies, and in the process exploring the lost world. Other features of this game include numerous distinct dungeons not explored yet and a global server where you can chat with your friends as well as make new friends from all over the world.

That’s all you need to know about the game and its codes. Now launch your game and take guard against the dark forces ready to bring pain and suffering and create havoc on the world. Keep visiting our website frequently if you want to stay updated on the latest released codes, as we update all the newly released codes on our website as soon as they are released. In case you think any code is missing, do share it with us in the comment box below.

Final Words

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