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Hello Friends, Welcome back to your favorite and most lovable website OyeLeCoupons. Here we back are with another amazing article for you. It is seen that there are many queries about Jio in. People are always searching for methods for converting Jio Sim to Jio eSim online for free. If you want to convert Jio Sim to Jio eSim online then this article is only for you. Dear Friends, everybody is well known for the offline method where you can easily convert the Jio Sim to Jio eSim. If you are an iPhone user and looking for this topic then read this article till the end. But now, you can easily convert Jio Sim to eSim online by following some simple steps. What you have to do is to read this article till the very end. 

How To Convert Jio Sim To eSim Online
How To Convert Jio Sim To eSim Online

Dear Friends, when you are going to follow the given mentioned steps, you will be eligible to successfully convert your normal Jio sim to eSim. Stick with this website to get the daily update related to the latest offers, tricks, & coupon codes. Stay tuned!

What Is Jio eSim?

Friends, Jio customers can easily download the profile of Jio Sim digitally and this will work on that device in which the eSim system is enabled. Now, Jio prepaid and postpaid Jio sim users have a great chance to change their Jio Sim to eSim by following this article. 

How To Check Device Compatibility For Jio eSim

Dear friends, before converting your Jio Sim to Jio eSim, have a look at the following steps to know if your device is eligible for Jio eSim or not, have a look!
  • First of all, visit the Jio Compatibility Checker Page
  • Here, you have to select the 'Device Type'
  • After that, select your Brand and Model name
  • Make click on 'How To Use Jio eSim'
  • You will able to see if you are eligible for this service or not

How To Convert Jio Sim To Jio eSim| Online Method

Dear Friends, if you are an iPhone user and want to convert your sim to eSim then follow the given mentioned steps!

1. First of all, upgrade your Apple software to iOS version 12.1 or higher because Jio eSim will work on higher version

2. Now, open the Message box on your device and then create a message as follows

3. Now, go to the Settings option on your phone

4. Make a tap on the 'About Phone option

5. Here, you can able to see your EID number and IMEI, copy or note down your number

6. Create message as GETESIM <32 Digit EID> <15 Digit IMEI>

7. After that, sent this message to this number 199

8. After sending the  message, you will be able to get your eSim number and other details

9. In this particular message, you will be able to see your activation code

10. Once again, you have to type a message

11. After following these steps,  type SIMCHG <19 digits eSIM number> 

12. Now send this message to 199

13. Now, you have to wait for some time and you will receive a message once again

14. Just type 1 and send it to 183 

15. Within a minute, you will get a call from the Jio side, I will ask you to share your Jio eSim completing a number

16. After all the given mentioned steps, your Jio eSim can get successfully activated

17. Now, activate your Jio eSim through settings and use them

18. Head towards Settings, go to the Mobile Data option and then make click on Add Data Plan

19. After that, make click on Enter Details Manually button

20. In SM-DP+address enter the given activation code and smdprd.jio.com

21. Dear friends, now what you have to do is to choose Add Data plan and then the new mobile plan

18. All Done Enjoy the benefits of Jio eSim 

Jio eSim Working iPhone Devices

Have a look at the iPhone device in which Jio eSim works Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen), Apple iPhone 12 Mini,  Apple iPhone 12, Apple iPhone 12 Pro,  Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone Xs,  Apple iPhone 11,  Apple iPhone 11 Pro,  Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

How To Convert Jio Sim To Jio eSim [Offline Method]

Dear Friends, it is very easy to go to get and get converted to Jio in. What you have to do is to wear masks and go to the nearest Jio care. And there, you just have to tell them you want to convert Jio normal sim to Jio eSim. questions after that, they will guide you to convert Jio sim to Jio eSim. 

What If the Jio eSim Online Request is Not Approved?

Dear users, if you fill in any incorrect information while sending a message for the purpose of activating Jio eSIM for any reason, then you can re-apply for the Jio eSim after 7 days of the request submission. 


Friends, in this article, I told you how you can convert Jio Sim to Jio eSim. If you want to ask any questions related to this topic then feel free to comment down your queries. Thank You for choosing OyeLeCoupons! 

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