Valorant Redeem Code FREE 2024| Skin Hack, Pride Codes

Hello Friends, Welcome back to OyeLeCoupons. Our existing users know that we regularly provide the best Redeem Codes, Latest offers & Promo Codes. Today's article is dedicated to our gamers. Our today's topic is about Valorant Game. Valorant is an online shooting battle royal game that is very popular on Microsoft and PCs. Riots Game Valorant is becoming more interesting when anyone has premium weapons skins, points, and pride codes. The premium weapons skins and other gaming rewards make this game more entertaining. But, when you are trying to grab these rewards, you have to pay some money. Here, redeem codes come into play, with the help of redeem codes you can get so many premium rewards of the Valorant game for absolutely free. In this article, I am going to share with you the list of working redeem codes for the Valorant game. Moreover, also in this article, I tell you the Skin Hack tricks inside the game by which you can grab premium weapons skins for free. So, if you are a Valorant gamer then this article is going to be very interesting for you. To get these rewards, read this complete article till the very end. 
Valorant Redeem Code FREE
Valorant Redeem Code FREE

Uses of Redeem Codes on The Valorant Game

Dear users, as I mentioned earlier, Redeem Codes play a very vital role in the games. To buy gaming currencies and other reward stuff, either you need money or redeem codes. Redeem Codes validity will be limited, so keep in mind that, when any new redeem code is released, try to redeem it as soon as possible. 

How To Search Valid Redeem Codes of the Valorant Game

Friends, if you are talking about the ways to collect Redeem Codes of the Valorant game, then I will suggest you bookmark or save this website article because whenever any new code is released I will definitely post it on this website. 

Secondly, to get the benefits of the latest and fresh codes, you have to follow social media platforms of Valorant. For that, you have to follow the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages of the Riots Game Valorant. There you can get updates on the latest promotional codes and latest events which is released by the game officially. 

Third, you just have to follow and join the discord channel of the Valorant game, there you can also get the news of the least codes and offers. 

List of Valorant Redeem Codes For Free

Have a look at the list of Valorant Redeem codes which is absolutely free. follow the given steps to get the benefits of the codes. 

Code 1: YTILAUD: Free Player card *NEWLY RELEASES*

Code 2: PRIMARY: Free Player Card

Code 3: TWILIGHT: Player Card for free

Code 4: GALATIC: Free Player Card

Code 5: JUBILANT02: Player Card

Code 6: SHERBERT: Pride Player Card

Code 7: COTTONCANDY: Player Card

Code 8: JUBILANT01: Player Title For free

Code 9: SUNSET: Pride Player Card free card code

Code 10: PRISMATIC: Pride Player Card free

How To Redeem Valorant Game Codes

Friends, it is very easy to redeem Valorrant Game redeem codes, you just have to follow the given mentioned steps to redeem codes of the Valorant game. 
  • First of all, Open the Valorant game on your device
  • Select the Valorant Icon present there
  • On the Screen menu select 'Prepaid Cards'
  • After then, you have to select 'Codes'
  • Now, you have to enter the redemption code which is mentioned here
  • Activate the code and enjoy the rewards

How To Get The Free Skin Hack On Volarant Redeem Codes

Friends, if you want to get free skins of Volarant weapons then you just have to read this article till the very end. You have a chance to get Vandal, Operator, Frenzy, Bucky, and Melee free weapons. Stay tuned! 

1. Chapter Rewards Free Battle Pass

With the help of Battle Pass, you have a chance to get free rewards of the Volarant Game. When you moving forwarn on the game and reaches to Tier 40, then you will be able to get so many rewards like free weapons skins, seceondary weapon skins and so on. 

2. Get Free Volarant Weapons Skin Via Agent Contract Methods

When you are going to complete the Agent Contract which is basically an Missions. You just have to complete the Missions of the game and on completion of every Missions you will be able to get free XPs.  When you complete eacn and every Tier you will be able to get free rewards of the game such as Player cards, Gun buddies, Free weapons skins and so on. 

These are the ways by which you can able to get free skins on the Volarant Game. You can generate free skins codes and by activating it, you can also get free skins of the Volarant weapons. 


Friends, I am hopin that this article will be very helpfull for you. If you really love this article, then please share it with your friends and dear ones. Thank You for reading this article till the very end. Thank You! 

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