How To Double Monies CASHBACK In Slice| Convert To Cash

How To Double Monies CASHBACK In Slice
How To Double Monies CASHBACK In Slice Card

Hello Friends, OyeLeCoupons welcomes you to the most loving website where you can enjoy reading new content in which you got the latest offers. Once again, I am back with another next-level offer. In today's article, I am gonna talk about Slice Monies. In this article, I am going to share a method by which you can earn and redeem double monies reward from your actual monies. What I mean to say is that suppose if you have 1000 Monies in your Slice then normally you will get 1% of reward but by following our given method you can double your Slice Monies and increase your cashback reward during the time of redeeming the monies. Also, in this article, I will tell you the methods to convert your Slice Monies to Cash or you can say Slice cashback reward. So, if you also want to activate this offer, then you just have to follow the given steps. Stay with this article for more related information regarding that topic.

About Monies In Slice Credit Card App

Slice is basically a credit card application. You can download this application by clicking HERE. On the Slice App, there is a reward section in which you get Monies as rewards. When you do any transaction except Money transferring, Petrol pump transaction, and Ret payment from the Slice Credit card you will be rewarded with Slice Monies. You can convert this Slice money to cashback points, which will add to your Slice wallet. In this article, I will tell you how you can double your Slice Monies reward. 

How To Convert Monies In Slice To Cash

If you want to convert Monies on the Slice App, you just have to follow the given steps. 
  • First of all, Open Slice App on your mobile
  • On the Slice App, you just have to swipe right to get towards the 'Rewards' section
  • There you can able to see your earned monies
  • You just have to click on it and Drag a circle to convert your total monies to cash
  • Now, make click on the 'Convert To Cash' button
  • That's it! You have successfully transferred Monies to Real cash of Slice CARD

How To Earn Monies On Slice Credit Card App

Friends, if you also have such questions that how to transfer your earned Moines, then I want to tell you that by making some easy transactions you will get Slice Monies. Have a look at transactions you can do to earn monies
  • Recharge And Bill Payment
  • Order Online
  • Shop Online
  • Groceries order or any other online payment
  • Offline payments at many more
There are a few transactions by which you can not get Monies such as rent payments, fuel bill payments, and transferring money to the bank. If you perform any such transaction then you cannot get the Monies. 

How To Double Your Earned Monies Reward|Get Double Cashback Reward|

Friends, many of you have such questions in your mind that how you double your Slice Cashback reward then I have a trick for you guys. Have a look at the following steps! 
  • First of all, You have to check your earned Monies
  • After that, you have to keep in mind that, you must have at least 5 Lakh Monies
  • Friends, if you have 5 lakh Monies then you just have to redeem it
  • When you are going to redeem those Monies then you will get double cashback
  • How? friends, if you have 3 Lakh monies then you will get 1.5 of Cashback money
  • And if you have at alteast 5 Lakh monies, then you will get double cashback money which means twice of monies
How To Double Monies In Slice| Convert To Cash[5K ka 10K]
  • So, what you have to do is to redeem all your monies once they reach 5 Lakh
  • Normally you will get Rs.5000 cashback money, but when you are going to redeem 5 Lakh monies you will get Rs.10,000 cashback money on the Slice
  • All Done! Enjoy the offer

Final Words

Friends. The above post is all about Slice App. I hope you love reading this article so much. Thank You so much for reading this article till the end. Post a comment if you have any questions. THANK YOU! 

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