How To Use OYO Money For Recharge? How To Transfer?

Hello Friends! OyeLeCoupons welcomes you once again to your favorite website. In today's article, I tell you all you need to know about Oyo Money uses in the Oyo App. With the use of Oyo Money, you can easily able to get huge discount on booking of Oyo hotels. Guys, there are many questions are in your mind about Oyo Money that, how to use Oyo Money for Recharge? How to transfer Oyo Money to Paytm? In this article, I am going to tell to you how to use Oyo Money easily. 
How To Use OYO Money 
Dear Users, I want to tell you that in the Oyo App, there are two currencies are used one is Oyo Money and other is Oyo Rupee. With the use of these two currencies you can easily able to redeem loot discount on Oyo hotels booking. So, if you want to know more about Oyo Money then read this article completely! Stay tuned! 

What Is Oyo Money?

Oyo Money is one of the currency used inside the Oyo App. You can check your Oyo Money on your Oyo Wallet. Keep in mind, there is an expiry date mention od using Oyo Money. You can use 10% to 30% Oyo Money on every booking of hotels on Oyo App. 

How To Check Your Oyo Money

To check your Oyo Money on the Oyo App, follow the given steps! 
  • First of all, Open the Oyo App on your mobile
  • Go to the Dashboard of the Oyo App
  • Go to the Menu on the left side of the app
  • There, click on the 'Oyo Money', option
  • Now, you can able to see your total Oyo Money
  • You can see the expiry date of Oyo Money
  • All Done! Use your Oyo Money for Oyo hotels booking

How To Use Oyo Money on Oyo App

Friends, you can use your Oyo Money for Oyo hotels booking follow the given steps to book Oyo hotels by using Oyo Money! 
  • Firstly, Book any hotels and select the check in and check out date
  • Enter the number of guest
  • Go to the payment page, there you can see Oyo Money get automatically used 
  • With the use of Oyo Money your final payment amount will decreases
  • You can use 10% to 30% Oyo money on single booking
  • Complete the payment and enjoy your day! 

How To Use Oyo Money For Recharge?

Guys, I want to tell you that, you can not use Oyo Money for recharge. Only, users can use this money for the booking of Oyo hotels. Every users can able to use this Oyo Money for recharge purposes. 

How To Transfer Oyo Money to Paytm or Bank Account?

To Transfer Oyo Money to Paytm account or bank account you need to recharge your Oyo all with money. Hence, I want to tell you that Oyo Money is non transferrable and you can not use your money for recharge purpose of Paytm and Bank Account. 

How To Earn More Oyo Money 

When you book your Oyo hotels then you will rewarded with loot Oyo oney. Furthermore, there are many coupon codes and redeem codes are also available on the internet, by the use of them you can collect Oyo Money at your Oyo wallet. 


Dear Friends, I hope you find this article useful. In this article, I gave you all the information about Oyo Money. Thank You so much for reading this article till the end! THANK YOU! 

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