How To Collect Unlimited DreamRuns in Dream11

Dream11 is a fantasy sports application where you can earn real cash using your mind. Guys, I have already posted so many articles about Dream11. You can go through this article and activate all the Dream11 Offers. Back to our today's topic, guys, if you are a Dream11 existing user then I want to tell you that Dream11 is releasing a DreamRuns feature. Guys, you can use these DreamRuns as entry fees on Dream11. Also, you can redeem so many rewards like cash bonus, match pass, and os many other rewards using DreamRuns in Dream11. So, if you have DreamRuns then this will help you to get loot rewards and Dream11cash. In this article, I am telling you the ways by which you can Dream11 free unlimited DreamRuns every day. So, you can use it for joining a free contest. You just have to read this article till the end to get unlimited DreamRuns. For that, you need to read this article till the end. Hello Friends, welcome to OyeLeCoupons, thank you for choosing us! 
Dear users, in Dream11 there are so many ways and so many tasks by which you can earn DreamRuns. To know these methods to collect Dreamruns you need to follow the given mentioned step! 

What is DreamRuns in Dream11

DreamRuns are the new feature created by Dream11 officials. With the use of DreamRuns in Dream11, one can able to join contests. Users can spend their DreamRuns when they are joining any contest. In this article, you will get to know those methods by which users can earn so many DreamRuns. Stay Tuned! 

Steps: How To Earn Free DreamRuns in Dream11 

Guys, there are two ways by which you can earn a free Dream one is One Time and the other is every time. Users need to follow the given mentioned steps to activate this offer! 

1. Verify Your Email & Get 5 DreamRuns

Users just have to go through with Email verification in Dream11. By completing this process one can able to get 5 DreamRuns. 

2. Sync Your Phonebook & Get 10 DreamRuns

By Sync your Phonebook for one time, users can able to get 10 DreamRuns in their account very easily. 

3. Change Your Dream11 Profile Picture & Get 10 DreamRuns

All you have to change your Dream11 profile picture for the very first time. If you do so then you will go to rewarded with 10 DreamRuns. 

4. Get 10 DreamRuns By Changing Your Team Name

Guys, to get 10 more DreamRuns in Dream11, you need to change your Team Name. Keep in mind, that you need to perform this task only one time to get the reward. 

5. Follow Someone on Dream11 & Get 10 DreamPoints

In Dream11 you can easily able to follow other players' IDs. Users can able to get 10 Dreampoins when someone follows them and when you are going to follow some other account. 

6. Verify Your Pan on Dream11 & Earn 20 DreamRuns

If you want to get 20 DreamRuns in Dream11, then you just have to enter the details of your pan card in Dream11 and verify it. This is how you can get 20 DreamRuns. 

7. Create Your First Team in Dream11 & Get 20 DreamRuns

To get 20 DreamRuns in Dream11, you need to create your 1st team. By doing so you can able to get 20 DreamRuns. 

8. Link Your Bank Account With Dream11 & Get 40 DreamRuns

You just have to enter your Bank Account details and link them with Dream11. This is how you can able to get 40 Dream11 DreamRuns very easily. 

9. Make Your First Withdrawl & Get 50 DreamRuns  

You have a chance to get Dream11 50 DreamRuns when you are making your first Withdrawl on Dream11. 

10. Deposit Rs.25 in Dream11 & Get 100 DreamRuns

Dear Users, in Dream11, for 100 DreamRuns, you just have to make your first deposit of at least Rs.25 in Dream11. When you do so, you will able to rewarded with 100 DreamRuns. 

Other Ways to Get DreamRuns in Dream11

Follow the given mentioned steps to get DreamRuns every time! 

1. Join Free Contest & Get Up to 3 DreamRuns in Dream11

When you are going to join any free contest in Dream11, you will be able to get up to 3 DreamPoinst in your account. 

2. Join Paid Contest in Dream11 & Get 1 DreamRuns on Every Rs.10 Contest Joining

If you looking to earn more DreamPints then you just have to join the paid contest, this is how you can able to get 1 or more DreamRuns. 

How To Redeem Your DreamRuns on Dream11

Guys, you can easily able to redeem your Dream11 DreamPoints on the Reward Shop. You can redeem the following rewards if you have DreamRuns
  • Users can get Rs.20 cash bonus if they have 1000 DreamRuns
  • Users can get a Live Match Pass if they have 6000 DreamRuns
  • One can get 50% Global pass up to Rs.150 if one has 30000 DreamRuns
  • Also, you can earn so many other rewards in the Reward Shop section


Dear Friends, in this article you get to know those ways by which you can get Free DreamRuns in the Dream11 Application If you like this article then please share it with your friends and known ones. Thank You! 

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