How To Get Refund on Zomato| FREE Food Trick| Proof Added

Heya! during this modern period, people are used to ordering food online rather than going to Restaraunt. And Zomato is one of the best online food delivery services for you. During this pandemic period, you can get super clean and vaccinated staff services from the Zomato site. Furthermore, Zomato always provides the best offers and working discount tricks, by which the user can easily get huge discounts on Zomato food. In this article, I am going to tell you about Zomato Refund Trick. Guys, if you are the daily customer of Zomato then you should have knowledge about this trick. So, want to get free food on Zomato? then read this article at last. Stay Tuned! 

Readers, the purpose of this article is to get to know about the way to grab Refund on Zomato. Do not use this trick many times, use only when if needed. So, come on let's know more. 

About Zomato Refund Trick

Zomato is popular for providing the best customer service. And Zomato refund is a part of this service. One can apply the Zomato Refund method when the delivered food is uncooked, Tasteless, unhygienic, does not meet your expectation, etc. under such cases you can use this method to get your money back in your account. Some people use this method, to get free food on Zomato, I want to tell you that use this method when you need it the most. Stay tuned! 

Steps: How to Activate Zomato Money Refund Trick

  • First of all, Open your Zomato App on your device
  • On the Menu Bar, click on 'Your Orders'
  • Now, you have to select the order in which you want to claim for refund
  • You can see the 'Support' option on the top right corner click on it
  • Or You can click on the Message icon 'Need Help With Your Order'
  • After that, Now, select the order in the chat section
  • In the next step, you have to select the reason for Refund
  • Choose any of the given mentions reason 
  • Now, tell them the reason for applying for a refund method
  • You can also share the picture of the food you got delivered
  • Ask them for a refund for their food
  • Within 10 minutes you will get your money back in your account

  • All Done! Enjoy the offer

Zomato Refund Trick Proof

Have a look at the proof of Refund, which I got yesterday. 

Basic Terms & Condition

  • One can get a 70% to 100% refund via this method
  • This offer is used when you have a food issue
  • Zomato Refund process will activate once per account otherwise your account may block
  • Every Zomato user can activate the offer

Final Words

Readers, with this method, you can get a loot refund in your Zomato Account. If you like this article then please share it with your friends and family members. Stay tuned with OyrLeCoupons for more offers and the latest tricks.

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