Pubg Unlimited Room Card Hack 2024: Get Advanced Room

People are love to play Pubg every time. The popularity of Pubg is increasing day today. Recently Pubg is introducing a lite version for those people whose mobile have low graphic. Gamers are love to playroom card matches with your friends and custom room tournament. To want a custom room card you need to purchase it. But, their cost is very high. So, the question is how to get it. Hello and welcome to my blog, in this article, I will tell you the trick to get Pubg Mobile and Pubg Lite and unlimited custom room by hack trick. 
Guys, as you know, one can unable to buy an unlimited room card because of the high cost. So, by doing some simple hack trick you can get an unlimited Pubg mobile room card. Wanna take it? so just read the article completely about Pubg hack room card. Stick with us! 

About Pubg Custom Room Card?

Custom Room card is used to create a custom room so that the players can play the matches along with their friends as an opponent to each other. Moreover, the custom room card have an access to create a room of any map like TDM, Erangal, Livik, Sniper training, etc. So, come on let's avail of unlimited custom room cards in Pubg. 

How to Get Unlimited Custom Room Card in Pubg Mobile

Guys, there are many ways to get custom room cards in Pubg. But, the three more efficient ways are: 
  • Get Room Card Via Royal Pass
  • Unlimited Room Card via Clan Shop
  • Pubg hack apk to get an unlimited room card

Pubg Room Card Hack via Elite Royal Pass

Elite Royal pass is very beneficial for the user. An elite pass holder users can able to take the benefit of many facilities by Pubg. The users can get UC and also participate in various events. Moreover, by reaching on some level, he/she gets unlimited room card for a certain period of time. To get a Pubg advance room card follow the given steps
  • First of all, Open your Pubg Mobile on your device
  • Make Log in by entering your valid details
  • Now, its time to buy a royal pass to enjoy elite facilities
  • After that, you have to increase your level 
  • You will get your first Room card at level 14
  • The second room card will be yours at level 37
  • And you get the third one at level 85
  • Moreover, you can also get the advance room card unlimited for 7 days
Pubg Elite Pass is not all about room cards, elite pass user's games are more attractive and increase the interest in the games because of various premium facilities. So, this is the best trick for you. 

Get Pubg Mobile Custom Room Card via Clan Shop

Don't want to buy a Royal pass, don't worry, here it comes another way to get room card. Wanna purchase a Pubg room card via clan shop. You don't need to spend any rupee buying it. All you need clan points which you can collect daily from your clan. Have a loon on some steps to get room card from Clan shop
  • First of all, Open your Pubg game on your mobile
  • Moving to the Lobby section, here you get a tab 'Clan' click on it
  • Here, make a click on the 'Shop' button
  • Now, click on the Room Card 
  • All you need to purchase the room card from here by spending your 300 clan points
  • If you don't have clan points then visit your clan and collect them from there
  • Redeem your clan points and get your room card
  • Now, move to the inventory section, you will see your room card there
  • Done! Enjoy Pubg custom room card

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Download Pubg Hack Apk & Get Unlimited Room Card

Well, this is the last trick I suggest you. If you want to get the hack and unlimited Room card via Pubg hack mode apk, then try these steps
  • First of all, Download the Pubg Hack Mod  Apk
  • Install it and enter your id for login purpose
  • After login, check your inventory and there you will find, unlimited room card for unlimited time
  • That's it! Play as much custom room as you want

How to Create a Custom Room in Pubg Mobile, Lite

  • First of all, move to the main screen of the game
  • Click on the 'Customise Match Selection' option
  • Make a click on the Room button
  • After that, click on the Create Room button
  • Now, move to the Setting Page
  • Then, send an invitation to that player you want to join
  • You can also create a room id and password 
  • Ask your friend to enter room id and password to join the custom room
  • That's all, enjoy your custom room match

Guys, I hope this article will able to fulfill your need. If you have any questions in your mind then do comment us below the comment section. I will reply to your query as soon as possible. Thank You! 

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