How to Get DJ Alok Character For Free in Free Fire 2024


How to Get DJ Alok Character For Free in Free Fire 2021
How to Get DJ Alok Character For Free in Free Fire 2024

How to Get DJ Alok Character For Free in Free Fire 2024?

After the Pubg ban in India, all the major Indian gamers shifted towards Genera Free Fire and they are just loving it. There are 34 total characters in Genera Free Fire and all of them are unique in their own way In this article, we are going to talk about DJ Alok's character which is used to drop the beat. It is one of the most popular and mighty characters in Garena Free Fire. DJ Alok is very different and energetic at the same time. We can buy it with the use of 599 diamonds but we know that it is on a bit expensive side. Still, we have some ways by which we can buy it for free. Yes, you heard it right, we can buy it free by different methods. So, in this article, we will cover all the methods by which you can buy DJ Alok Character for free.

About DJ Alok Character

DJ Alok in genera free fire is one of the most popular and loved the character but it is a bit costly. It has 8 levels that are used to drop the beat. It can Drop the Beat, which creates an aura of 5m and restores 5 HP/second for five seconds and boosts ally movement speed by 10%. When the character is leveled up, his ability is also enhanced.

DJ Alok Character Price & Ability in Free Fire

  • Name of the character     -      DJ Alok
  • Cost of the character       -      599 diamonds
  • After discount                 -      499 diamonds
  • Levels of the character    -      8
  • Unique abilities               -     Drop the beat

How to purchase DJ Alok character in Free Fire?

  • Open Free Fire Game App.
  • Click On the Character option.
  • On the character page, find DJ Alok Character over there and select that.
  • Now, click to spend 599 diamonds to unlock this character.
  • Once you have done this process, you will surely unlock the DJ Alok Character.

How to get DJ Alok character for Free?

As you know, To unlock the DJ Alok character you have to spend 599 diamonds but if you wish not to spend them then there is a trick by which you can buy it for free. As per our research, there are two methods by which you can get it for free.

  1. Free Diamond Airdrop Offer
  2. Google Opinion Rewards

Trick 1 - Free Diamond Airdrop Offer

For Engaging the Gamers for more Gameplay, Free Fire launch different special target-based gaming events and by playing and completing these events you can get Unlimited FREE Diamonds. You can also get some free diamonds by sharing your gameplay on your Facebook. This offer is known as the Free Fire airdrop offer. You can use these Diamonds to buy DJ Alok skin for Free.

Trick 2 - Google Opinion Rewards

Follow the steps below to earn money through Google Opinion Rewards App and use it to buy Diamonds on Free Fire:
  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search and Download the Google Opinion Rewards from there.
  • Log in with your GMail ID.
  • Click on Continue Button.
  • Wait for the survey to be displayed on the Homepage or check your mobile notifications.
  • Take and Submit your opinion by a Quick Survey.
  • Once, Your Survey will get completed then you will receive Google Play Credits.
  • You can use these credits to buy DJ Alok Character via Diamonds.


We tried to provide you with the best and most legal method by with you can buy the DJ Alok character for free. All the above mention ticks and techniques are tried and tested and we don't provide you with any kind of illegal stuff. Also, we don't recommend you to use any kind of illegal techniques, tricks or hacks because using it free fire may ban you permanently. I hope this article helps you with all your queries about DJ Alok character. 

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