Ludo King Cheat: How to Win Every Match Hack Trick

Hey users, Whenever we talk about the Ludo game, we must remember our childhood days. Isn't? yes, during this Covid 19 pandemic, people liked the Ludo King game very much when they were sitting at their home. And now the users want to win every game in the Ludo king game. I saw many websites fooling the users by providing them fake cheat codes and hack apk of Ludo King. This is the key reason for making this article. Because I want to give you a real and 100% working trick to win every game in the Ludo king. You can also say this, yes you can hack the Ludo King game without cheat codes. So, if you want to win always in Ludo King, if you want that your dice to roll 6 every time, if you want to control your dice, then this article is for you. Read the full article and win every game in Ludo King.

Ludo King Cheat: How to Win Every Match Hack trick
Guys, all you need to follow the given process to hack ludo king and win every game. Just stick with us for more information about this article. 

Features of Ludo King Game

  1. The user can chat with your opponent while Playing the Ludo king game
  2. Users can also play offline with 6 player
  3. While playing an offline game the user can pause the game and continue whenever  he\she wants
  4. The users have an option to play online all over the world

Rules of Ludo King Game

  1. Every player contain 4 tokens and one who has to reach the board first, win 
  2. You need more six on dice to win the game
  3. But, when the players roll six for thrice, their chance skip
  4. Stars are the safe place for the player

Pro Tips to Win Always in Ludo King & Get Crown [Best Trick]

Before introducing you to my pro tips to win Ludo King and get the Crown. I want to tell you that the Ludo king's game is all about probability. I am trying to shift the probability of winning in your favor. 

1. Wait for Correct Time to Counter

As a Ludo king player, you must have to keep patience, because when your's tokens enter in enemies' area, you must have to sit your token on stars and wait there for the best move. 

2. What to Do When Your Dice Arrive 6

This all depends on the situation, when you are near your board then your focus must be to reach the winning board first. And if your opponent token is in your area, you can use the 6 number to cut the enemy token

3. Create A Fielding for Opponent Token

Suppose, your opponent has left only 2 tokens rest of them are on the board, now, if their 3rd token enters your area, then your first duty is to sit your token on those stars where the opponent token is going to pass. This may increase the probability of cutting the token. 

4. Safest Place in Ludo King

According to y analysis, after the start or stop, the 7th place is the safest place on Ludo King. if your dice contain 6 and 1 then move your token ahead to 7th place without any doubt. 

Ludo King Dice Controller: How to Roll Six Every Time

Guys, I want to tell you that you can not able to control the Dice. But, you have more probability to get six twice. How? when your first six will come, just tap on the dice instantly without taking a break. This may increase the probability of rolling six every time in Ludo King. 

Ludo King Game Hack Apk

Users, I am sad to tell you that, there is no such Apk available on the internet. If anybody trying to give you the hack apk of Ludo King it means they are trying to fool you. If any hack apk available I will definitely update this post. Stick with us! 

Ludo King Cheat Codes 2022, Get Unlimited Coins Without Root

  1. First of all, Visit the Cheat Codes Generator Page
  2. Here, you have to enter the username of Ludo King
  3. Now, enter the range of coins
  4. After That, click on the Generate Button
  5. That's it! You will get unlimited Ludo King coins

Final Words

I think I provide you all the details about Ludo King. Now you are ready to boom the Ludo King game. I hope this article will helpful for you. If you like this article, then do share it with your friends and known ones. Thank You!

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