PUBG Mobile & ROS Secrets Tips And Tricks to Be A Pro Player

ROS & PUBG Secret Trips to Grab Chicken Dinner: Hey Guys! This article is totally dedicated to our gamers. As all know PUBG and ROS is the 2 topmost trending games at present time. PUBG become very popular in India and all over the world as well. People love this game and there is so much competition to win this games. So, today I am going to talk about PUBG and Rules of Survival game pro tricks which help you to win the game. If you are fed up with so many loses in PUBG and wanna a pro player so you are in the right place. Here in this article, I will give you a few but most important instruction which helps you to get an easy win in PUBG mobile and Rules of Survivals.

Pro Tricks to Win PUBG Mobile & Rule of Survival Battle Royale Game

PUBG Mobile & ROS Secrets Tips And Tricks to Be A Pro Player

PUBG & ROS Best & Pro Tricks
Dear users, if you think PUBG game is very difficult to play then you are wrong. You think that because you don't know the smartest way to play ROS and PUBG. This article helps you to increase your skills in the game and also help you to win chicken Dinner. So, come on let's know some hack tips of PUBG and ROS without wasting your precious time.

1. Choose The Landing Place Carefully

The most important thing to keep in mind is that choosing the landing page. If you want to survive the game for a long time so you have to land on fewer rush areas and play defensively. So avoid Pochinki and Bitter Lake place in PUBG and ROS. 

2. Don't Run, Use Vehicle

Guys, if you run on the open ground then it will be a danger for you. You can be knocked out by vehicle or someone target on you. So, while going to any long direction always use vehicles. It will help you to reach your destination fastly and safely. 

3. Make Your Bag Little Empty, Pick Only Needy Things

This is the most basic trick, it often happens that you pick up all the stuff and then your bag is full. So this is not a thing a pro player does. Always pick quality stuff not quantity. 

4. Keep Your Eye on The Map

A map will help you to find your enemy and to enter the play zone safely. When a player and vehicles come nearer to you without crouching, it will be indicated on the map. So, you can easily know your enemy location and this will increase the chances to kill them.

5. Open Mic, Make Interaction With Your Squad

Guys, I can't understand why you disable your mic. Speak, speak louder, you are in the battleground. If somehow you will be knocked down, none other help you're except your teammate. So always gather around and play bindaas

6. Use EarPhone/HeadPhone

Dear users, earphone will help you to listen to the voice of your enemy foot. The better the sound you have, the better you will play the game. Through earphone, you will enjoy the good quality of a game and also your interest becomes full in the game. 

7.  Use Eye Icon At the Last Circle

Most of the player ignore Eye Icon, and this will cause they failed to find the enemy and the enemy find them. You just have to move your eye icon at 360 degrees, this will help you to find your enemy and hide you as it is difficult to know your place by other.

8. In Emergency Take Of Your Shoe

Sometimes, the situation arises that you will far away from the play zone and there will no vehicles near you, you just take off your shoe. This will help you to run faster and enter the play zone fastly.

9. Always Lock The Door 

This is the most basic trick, keep in mind, if you enter any of the houses so always lock the door. 'Thoda manners seekh lo Yar' hehe!. As the enemy opens the door, you can easily hear the sound. Then you can easily kill them.  

10. Change Control According To Your Comfort

Guys, you can change the graphics mode and control of the game according to your need. Adjust the control according to your comfort and make a chicken dinner and enjoy the game.

11. Choose The Right Weapon

Yes! this is one of the most important things you remember while playing PUBG and ROS. User beast damage weapons, grenades etc. I suggest you to user M4A1, SCARL type of guns in PUBG and M14EBR, Shotgun in ROS. You can also user shotguns for short range kill. 

12. Never Use Damaged Armor, Helmet

Guys, many users avoid this step and they got killed by enemy. The user of Damaged armor and helmet make you an easy kill for others. And if in case the of head shot, your helmet will not help you.

13. Stay Away From Bombing Zone

I know how the feeling is come when you killed because of Bombing Zone. So, if you do not want to get an easy kill without doing anything, then stay away from the bombing red zone. You have the option to stay away from the zone or you can also get in the house and close the door to get safe.

It's Time To Bang Bang

Dear users, here I give you 10 basic but best trick to be a pro player in ROS and PUBG Mobile. You just have to read the article carefully and follow the given steps to win the game. Follow the above steps and I assure you that after implementing all these steps in ROS AND PUBG game, you will be win easily. If you have any trouble while activating this offer, you can ask us below the comment box, we will surely solve your problem. You can also review this post and tell us if this article is useful for you or not. Also, share this article with your friends if you really like it. Thanks for choosing OyeLeCoupons.

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