Face Lock Downloading Feature in Jio Phone, Rumor or Truth?

Jio Phone or 2 Face Lock Feature, How To Download: Hey Guys! Welcome to OyeleCoupons. Here we back with another interesting article about Jio Face lock feature. Nowadays, there are many websites and youtube videos claimed that there is a trick to download Face Lock feature or app in their Jio Rs.1500 phone. But, all the time users got failed to get the face lock app in their Jio phone. In this article, I will tell you about Jio face lock app theory in detail. Guys, if you want to download face lock features or you are fed up of downloading face app and want to know all about Jio face lock feature, then you should read this article. This article will help you to know if face lock exists in Jio phone or exist in parallel world.

Jio Phone or Jio Phone 2 Face Lock App Online Download [Full Details] 

Face Lock Downloading Feature in Jio Phone, Rumor or Truth?
Jio Phone Face Lock Viral Truth

Readers, this article is totally dedicated to our Jio users also for those who want to download Jio Face lock app via Online. So, without wasting much time let's know about jIO Face Lock news. Thanks for choosing us!

Jio Phone Face Lock Inbuilt Feature??

On 21 July 2017, Mr. Mukesh Ambani released Jio Phone with lots of features. Now, I have heard the news in online market(youtube, online websites) that the Jio phone has a face lock features. Guys, this is a huge prank, there is no such feature in the Jio Phone phone. So please, do not waste your time in searching of Face Lock feature in your Jio mobile. Jio is popular of their one feature which is  Whatsapp in their mobile with good 4G internet speed, not a face lock. If in future if this feature comes, then I will update you in this article. 

Face Lock Online Downloading App for Jio Phone?

As I tell you above that Jio Phone has no such feature of Face Lock. Like that, there is no such app in the Play Store where you can play Face Lock on the Jio phone. Moreover, no any other hack tricks are working that is mentioned in the youtube videos or websites articles. Dear users, I suggest you to not to waste your time, money and data for such type of prank. This news is totally fake and full or rumor. If any face lock app or tricks are on the online market then I will definitely update in this article. But, for now, there is no face lock app, trick or feature in Jio Phone.

Steps to Activate Face Lock App in Jio Phone [In Future]

Above, I said that currently, this type of features are not available in the Jio Phone. But, in future, if this feature update, then you just have to follow the given steps to activate Face Lock in your mobile. But at present, it is quite impossible. [Currently Unavailable]
  • First of all, Download, My Jio App from the Play store
  • Install & Open the App
  • Make Sign up by filling up your valid details
  • On Dashboard, make a search for Face Lock App
  • Then, install it in your mobile
  • Open the app and fill the basic details
  • At last, verify your Jio Mobile via OTP process and activate face lock

Jio Phone 2 Features 

Jio Phone 2




512 MB, 4GB
Basic Features

LTE, VOLTE, Dual Sim
SD Card

128 GB Storage
Display & Other Feature

2.4 QVGA, FM, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi
Front, Back Camera



Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube

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Final Words

So guys, here I give you all needy information about Jio Phone Face lock app or online tricks. So, my humble request to you that do not waste your time on this type of news. There is no such feature available in the Jio phone 1 or Jio Phone 2. You just have to read the article carefully to know more about this news. If you have any query about this article, you can ask us below the comment box, we will surely solve your problem. If you this you will not satisfied with this result, then you can comment us, and suggest us your views. Thanks for choosing us!.

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