How Can We Earn Money From Google Maps (Local Guide Jobs)

Google Maps Contribution Program, Earn Money Online: Hey Guys! Here We back with another interesting article to earn money via the Google Maps app. Everyone is well known of Google Maps app. Google Maps discovers new features according to which we can make money on visiting new places and answering some simple question in Google Maps. You just have to take participate in Google Maps Contribution, here, just answer the asked question correctly and visit new places, rate the last visiting place you visit, add photos of that places. These are the small things you can earn Money on Google Maps. Keep in minds, you will get google rewards point which you have to redeem and this is how we can make money. Dear users, In this article I give you a brief description of earning money via Google Maps. Stay Tuned with OyeLeCoupons for more Discounts Coupons code, Internet Tricks & Earn Money Tricks!

Use Google Points Reward & Make Money From Google Maps Contribution

How Can We Earn Money From Google Maps (Local Guide Jobs)
Google Maps Earn Money Online
Readers, it is very easy to earn money via Google Maps. To get the Google Maps money, just participate in the Local Guide Jobs, here you have a chance to earn points and money. You just have to read the article carefully because we give you step by step description to make online rewards. Collect more and more Google Points by doing farther activities mentioned in the Google Maps earning guideline to get more and, more money. Come on let's make money from Google Maps. Thanks for choosing OyeLeCoupons.

What is a Local Guide Jobs??

Local Guide Jobs is a new feature of Google Maps according to which one can earn more and more money by participating in it. You just have to visit the places and answer the given question to earn money. For their users, Google produces a new way to improve your income. Later in this article, I fully describe to you the way to earn money via Local Guide Jobs.

Steps To Earn Money Easily Via Google Maps (Full Guide)

  • First of all, Download the Google Maps app from the Play store
  • If Already download?? Just update it
  • Install & Open the Google Maps App
  • Then, move to the menu and make a tap on 'Your Contributions'
Steps To Earn Money Easily Via Google Maps (Full Guide)
  • Now, you have to click on 'Get Started'
Steps To Earn Money Easily Via Google Maps (Full Guide)
  • After that, make a click on 'Next' and then 'Join Now'
Steps To Earn Money Easily Via Google Maps (Full Guide)
  • Here, you have to enter your City name and make a tick on both columns
  • And then Click on 'Start' button
Steps To Earn Money Easily Via Google Maps (Full Guide)
  • That's it! This is how one can successfully join the Local Guide jobs to earn money 
  • Now the game begins, you have to earn more and more points to make money
  • Try to earn the maximum number of points to increase your earning
  • Enjoy Google Maps Earning

How to Get Points in Google Maps to Earn Rewards

Readers, there are a various method in Google Maps(Local Guide) through which one can earn so many points to make their income. Some of the methods to make Google Points are mentioned below.
  • Review: You just have to review the last place you visit to earn the points
  • Rating: Just rate your last visiting place and tell them if this place is interesting or not
  • Photo: Add your photos in your accounts to increase your points
  • Video: Add your original video in your account to get points
  • Respond to Q&A: Just answer the given question to make points
  • Edits: Suggest edits to the place and grab points
  • Place Added: One can also get points in every place added

Google Maps Points Table

Google Maps Points Table

Local Guide Levels Table (Google Maps)

Note: In Level 1 one does not provide any points or badges
Local Guide Levels Table (Google Maps)

Frequently Asked Question

How Can We Redeem Points and Start Earning?

Guys, As you all know, there is a little bit of time to earn money from Google. Like that, when you reach in Level 4 in Google Map(Local Guide job). Then you are able to access your income with the help of Google points, Badge, and jerk.

Do Google Maps Points Expire??

No! Not at all, Google Maps points will not expire unless and until you do not break any terms and policies. But, I will tell you on the basis of my knowledge is that the Points will never expire.

Terms & Conditions of Google Maps Local Guide Line Jobs

  • Make sure you have to use the latest version of Google Maps App to participate in it
  • One has to answer the question correctly to increase your income safely
  • No expiry date is mentioned of your earned points
  • Before connecting with Google Local Guide Jobs, just collect the all needy information about it
  • Google has reserved right to close this offer without any prior Notification
  • Users must have to read the full article because every point is important
  • Any misuse of the offer reserves the right to take legal actions against the specific customers/consume

Final Words

Readers, here I give you all needy information to earn money from Google Maps. You just have to read the full article and collect points to make money online. It is very easy to earn money via Google Maps. So just enjoy this features of Google Maps and increase your income. If you have any trouble while activating this offer, you can ask us below the comment box, we will surely solve your problem. You can also review this post and tell us if this article is useful for you or not. Also, share this article with your friends if you really like it. Thanks for choosing OyeLeCoupons. 

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