Vodafone All Ussd Codes List Check Balance, Data Plans & Many More

Vodafone Ussd Codes: Hey Guys! As all know, Vodafone is one of the most popular telecom company. Vodafone is spread their network all over the world. But many of the users are unknown of  Vodafone Ussd codes. Hence, they face many difficulties in checking balance, data usage, data balance and many more. To remove this problem here we come with another article about Vodafone all USSD Codes. In this article, I will give you all working Vodafone Ussd Codes. Read our article and apply Ussd codes according to your need.

Working Vodafone Ussd Codes 

Vodafone All USSD Codes
Vodafone Ussd Codes
There are many Ussd Codes of Vodafone. Apply your needy Ussd codes. Here we give all ussd codes in groups according to their works so that you may some easy to find it. Read the article carefully.

What is USSD Code??

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile which is used to give information about your mobile by dialing some codes. It is a technology that is used to send text between a mobile phone and an application program in the network. Every mobile network operator has their own Ussd codes. It works as an interface between the users and mobile operator.

Vodafone Most Usable & Common Ussd Codes

Guys, here we give you most common and daily usable Ussd codes of Vodafone. Read the given Ussd codes and use it according to your need.
  • *141# or *111#: Vodafone balance check ussd code
  • *111*2*2#: Vodafone GPRS Data balance check ussd code
  • *111*2*2#: Vodafone 2G Internet Data balance check ussd code
  • *121#: Vodafone best offer check code
  • *111*6*2#: Vodafone Internet Data balance check ussd code
  • *111*2*2#: Vodafone 3G Internet Data balance check ussd code
  • *131*<Transfer Amount>*<Mobile No>#: Vodafone Balance Transfer ussd code
  • *111*2*2#: Vodafone 3G Internet Data balance check ussd code
  • *111*2#: Vodafone Number Check ussd code

All Vodafone Ussd Codes for Balance Check

  • *141#: Vodafone Balance Check (Main Balance + Validity)
  • *111*6# or SMS DATA BAL to 144: Vodafone net balance check code
  • *145#: Vodafone Call Balance
  • *148#: Vodafone Minutes Balance
  • *111*5*2#: Vodafone 3g balance check
  • *111*5*2#: Vodafone 3G Data Card balance
  • *111*6#: Vodafone data balance check
  • *141*9#: Vodafone 2G Balance Check
  • *142#: Vodafone Roaming Minutes and Validity
  • *145#: Vodafone Special Tariff packs
  • *111*6*1#: Vodafone Data Plans Activation
  • *131*<Amount><Reciever No >#: Vodafone Balance Transfer
  • *123*2#: Activate Vodafone Value Combo
  • 1909: Vodafone DND Code
  • *123#: Vodafone Alerts Code
  • 5525 or 54206090: Vodafone Hello Tunes
  • SMS GPRS to 144 or 0r *111*6#: Vodafone GPRS Balance Check
  • *123*8#: Vodafone Night GPRS balance
  • *111*2# or *8888# or 164: Vodafone Number check (Know Own No)
  • *123*9#: Vodafone Video Call Balance
  • *142# or *123*1#: Vodafone SMS Balance Check Code
  • *142# or *123*1#: Vodafone SMS Pack activation code
  • *121*10#: Vodafone Rate Cutter
  • *123*1#: Movie Masala Alerts
  • *111*6*2#: Usage Allowance Details
  • *111*7#: Vodafone Bonus Card
  • *111*1#: Vodafone Delights
  • *111*3*1#: Vodafone Last 3 call details
  • *111*3*2#: Vodafone Last 3 SMS
  • *111*4#: Vodafone Last Charges
  • *111*5#: Vodafone Last 3 Recharges
  • *121*05#: Vodafone One Day GPRS Pack
  • 111 or 9400024365: Vodafone Customer care
  • 198: Vodafone Complaint Number
  • *147#: Check Vodafone to Vodafone Night Minutes
  • *157#: Check Night Minutes
  • *111*8#: Vodafone Best offers
  • 121: Vodafone latest Offer
  • *121#: Vodafone Special Offers
  • ACT 3G to 144: Vodafone 3G Activation Prepaid
  • *111*9#: Low Balance Services
  • ACT 3G to 111: Vodafone 3G Activation Postpaid

Vodafone Recharge Codes List

  • * 121#: Vodafone 3g Recharge Ussd code 
  • Dial *121#: Vodafone 2g recharge code 
  • Dial * 121#: Vodafone 3g recharge code
  • *121*25#: Vodafone 2g pack for 7 days Gprs
  • *444*8#: Vodafone 3g pack with 20gb
  • *121*05#: Vodafone 2g pack for 1 day Gprs
  • *121*14#: Vodafone 2g pack for 3 days Gprs
  • *121*49#: Vodafone 2g pack for 15 days Gprs
  • *121*1251#: Vodafone 3g pack with 8gb
  • *121*98#: Vodafone 2g pack for 1 month Gprs
  • *121* 851#: Vodafone 3g pack with 5gb

Vodafone Net Balance Ussd Codes

  • *111*6#: Dial ussd code to check Vodafone net balance 
  • DATA BAL to 144: You can SMS to check data balance

Vodafone Customer Care Code

  • 111: Vodafone customer care number
  • 198: Vodafone complaint helpline number

Vodafone Postpaid Ussd Code 2021

  •  *111*4#: Vodafone Current Plan
  •  *111*5#: Vodafone VAS Service Check

Vodafone Other Code List

  • *131*#: Vodafone Balance Transfer
  • *111*3*6#: Activate Vodafone DND Service: 
  • *111*11#: Vodafone Account Information
  • *111*2#: Check Vodafone Mobile Number
  • *111*8#: Vodafone Offer Code
  • 1241: Vodafone loan

About Vodafone All Ussd Codes

Readers, here we give you all working Ussd Codes of Vodafone. Here I divide Ussd codes into the various group. Read the heading and search your needy ussd codes. If you having any trouble while activating any Ussd codes, you can comment us we will surely solve your problem. Enjoy

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