8 Simple Tricks to Increase Internet Speed In Android Mobile

Hey Guys! Today I make a trick about how to Increase internet speed in Android mobile or phone. This trick is very useful for 2G 3G users Guys you all know the Internet is now a part of our life, especially after the gift of Ambani Uncle, lol!. Readers, I wanna tell you that here in Google if you search How to Increase Internet Speed in Android Mobile, you will get no results of your search, but through the below-mentioned trick, you can easily increase the internet on your android phone. Guys one more thing, this trick is only for our Android and Prepaid users. Isse Pehle ki ham griyaee Jae let's do this trick without wasting your precious time.

How to Increase Internet Speed In Android Phone (8 Tricks)

Steps to Increase Internet Data Speed In Mobile Phone

  1. Clear All Cache on Your Smartphone
  2. Install Speed Boosting App
  3. Uninstall all Useless App
  4. Enable Maximum Data Loading options
  5. Enable text mode in your browser
  6. Use Ad-Blocker
  7. Use Fast & lighter Browser
  8. Make at least 2GB space on mobile
Dear Readers! Here below I will discuss all above-mentioned steps in briefly. Read all the steps carefully and get high-speed internet on your Android Mobile

Clear All Cache on Your Smartphone (Trick 1)

To increase internet speed and get fast browsing data, you must have to clear cache memory on your mobile. The cache memory may slow down your phone which may affect the internet speed. So to increase internet speed firstly you have to clear your mobile cache memory.

Install Speed Boosting App (Trick 2)

Many of the readers are unknown of Internet Booster App. Guys, I tell you there is various App in the Play store to increase internet speed on your Android mobile phone. Here below I recommend you some internet speed booster apps:
  • Internet Booster & Optimizer
  • Faster Internet 2X
  • Internet Speed Booster
  • Internet Booster (Root)
  • Free Internet Speed Booster
  • Internet Speed Booster 3G/4G
  • Internet Speed Master
  • 3G Speed Booster

Uninstall All Useless App (Trick 3)

Guys, I bet you most of the Android users contain many useless apps in your mobile, Many such apps in your mobile can consume vital storage and processing resources to leave your phone’s speed degraded and slows down your mobile and affect the internet speed of the network

Enable Maximum Data Loading Options (Trick 4)

Guys this setting is mostly ignored by the Android users that in your Wireless and Network settings you would select the GPRS transfer to prefer to Call Prefer but you should change it to Data Prefer.This will increase the speed of the data.

Enable Text Mode in Your Browser (Trick 5)

Guys, if you only want to use text surfing and doesn't need image than you can disable image and enable text surfing.For your Android phone’s Chrome browser you can use Text Mode browser extension to disable images.

Use Ad-Blocker (Trick 6)

Readers, Ad-Blocker is used to blocking all the ad in the web page and make the page ad-free. Generally, the ad takes data and make the internet speed slow, thus to prevent this I suggest you use Ad-Blocker which is available in the browser settings.

Use Fast & Lighter Browser (Trick 7)

There are many browsers available on the internet which is very fast and provide high-speed internet. UC Browser, Uc Mini, Opera Mini are the very fast browser you can use them. Guys if you want to download movie, game or anything then use UC Browser because it is famous for their fast downloading speed, and it is also my personal experience.

Make At least 2GB Space on your Mobile

YAA Guys! if you think it doesn't relate to internet speed than you are wrong, it is.Your mobile insufficient space makes the mobile slow and has a huge chance of phone hang, which may slow down the internet speed of your Android Mobile. To prevent this make the phone memory free.

Terms & Conditions

  • This trick is only valid for Android users
  • For better results try all above steps one by one
  • Any problem??? comment below we will reply you shortly
  • Enjoy

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