UC News: How to Earn Money Up to 10000 Rs Without any Website

How to earn money from UC News:Hey Guys, Here I come with my new and most important article for that users who want to make money in home.We all know that we can earn money through Website,but the method i am going to tell you dosn't require any type of website.Generally every people does not know about How to make money through website because of it's complication.But in UC News you just have to write a post in your own language, if your post is ranked you can earn much money.So It is another method of earn money through UC News.Through UC News app you have a chance to earn upto 10000 Rs. monthly.I am sure every one heard about UC news, and most of them install it in your mobile phone.You know, 5 Crore Indian using UC App, because of earn money purpose.Here below in this post i will describe step by step, How to earn money from UC News.

How to Earn money by UC News

How to Earn Money From UC News App

  • Follow our simple steps to grab this offer
  • Firstly you have to sign up for free account from here.
  • Fill all the detail carefully
  • After login process you will see four tabs
  1. Home:It displays total views on your articles on a particular day, it also show total earning,followers, Pageviews.
  2. Post:It is one of the most important part of this tutorial. From here you can create your post.
  3. Income:Through it, you can see your total income.
  4. Reporting: From here you can track post view count. It is updated every 10 minutes.
  5. Guidelines:There are many terms and conditions of UC News you have to work under it.
  • Now, all set you are ready to make youtr Own post.But keep in mind that Entertainment base post is much popular Nowdays.
  • Note: Work under the Guidelines of UC News.

UC News Earn Money: How to Publish Articale on UC News

  • Follow our simple steps to create new post
  • First of all,Visit UC News Producer
  • Now,Sign Up for a new account
  • Your Account approval takes up to 48 hours
  • After successful approval, log in to your dashboard
  • Now, youahave to Click on Post
  • Then,Select New Post
  • Write your article and set an appropriate title and a feature image.
  • Click on Publish.
  • Done :)

UC News Earn Money: How to rank Your Article on top

Here above I tell you how to make a article in UC News. But the most important key factor is how to rank your post on top so that you can earn maximum amount of money.Here Below i give some steps to ranked your post.
  • Use Hindi content in your post. Hindi content is much more traffic then English Content.People like to read News in hindi content.
  • Article based on Politics,Bollywood,TV News,Technology,Food & Recipes are searched mostly. But Bollywood based news are search mostly and make the traffic high.
  • Work under Guidelines of UC News 

How to Redeem Your Earning UC News

There is no maximum limit of your Earning. Minimum 50$ earning is redeem.If you want to redeem your earning then it will be deposits on your account on 26th to 28th date in every month.You can earn allot of money by working 30 minutes.

Important Guidelines Of UC News Earn Money

  • Your article should be of at least 300 words or more.
  • Keep in mind that there should be no plagiarism.
  • Content should not be any abusive language or any illigal activity.
  • Once, any of your post reaches 2000 views, then you can apply AD Monetization to your account through which you will be getting revenue.

UC News Refer and Earn Money

This is another simple way to earn money on UC News.You just have to invite your friend and get 1000 views and 100 rs referral rewards.

  • Firstly,Sign up UC News and get invitation code.
  • Refer your code to your friend and get Free Money on every referral uses by your friend
  • There is no limit of referral. Hence you can refer your code unlimited.
  • Enjoy the Offer

About UC News How to Earn Money

UC News is the best way to earn money for the online users. My aim to make UC News Earn money trick is to give you a idea of making income. Guys, Register now and earn money as you can. If you need any kind of help then comment us.

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Guys this is it.I hope you can understand how to earn money through UC News If You Having Any Trouble Related to Our Post You Can Comment Us We Will Surely Solve Your Problem

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