BYPASS Jio 1GB 4G Limit: Get FREE Unlimited 4G Daily Data 2024

How to Bypass Jio 1GB 4G Limit: Hey Guys! Today I make a discussion about How to Bypass or increase Jio 1GB 4G Daily Data limit.As you know Reliance Jio contain many offers this offer.If you want more offer in Reliance than  Click here. So, below in this blog, I will tell you to bypass jio daily data limit.Firstly, Reliance Jio came with Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer which gave us 4GB or 1GB daily data limit and now they come with latest Happy new year offer, and according to this Reliance Jio offer Users are getting 4G internet with 1gb per day limit and after that speed cap to 128kbps. We all know that sometimes this 4G data of jio sim is not enough for us, and we all know about Jio speed after the completion of 1GB daily data. lol ! so there are some tricks which I tell you who helps to increase Jio Speed after the bypass of 1GB internet. Bypass Jio 1GB Daily Limit
How to Bypass Jio 1GB  4G Limit

About Bypass Jio 1GB Data Limit

It's my pleasure that you are reading my post. We are Indians and we all know about Mukesh Ambani Reliance Jio Operator Company. Jio Offer came as a sign of relief for us. We all know that Reliance Jio claimed that they are giving 1GB daily Data limit on Jio sim but actually when we cross 800 MB data than 4G speed cap to 128 kbps, which may cause irritating for us. All the offer are free and giving unlimited voice calls and messages but people want a trick to get a 1GB limit bypass. Jio claims that 70-80% are not crossing 1GB data so with this remain cap, we can get the 4G internet with a high-speed connection. 

How to Bypass Jio 1GB 4G Data Limit: TRICK 1

  • Follow our simple steps to grab this offer
  • Firstly you have to, Open your MyJio app and then check your balance.
  • Now, close the application and go to mobile settings >> Date & time >> change the date here.
  • Then, here is a trick that changes the date to next 2 days.
  • Now again open my jio app and check your balance is zero now.
  • Congro! Your trick is successfully completed
  • Enjoy Unlimited Data.

How to Get High Speed After Bypass Jio 1GB Limit: TRICK 2

  • Follow our simple steps to grab this offer.
  • Firstly, you have to Switch off your mobile phone.
  • Now, turn on Mobile and switch on your 4G Data.
  • After all process, you will see you Data speed is back again.
  • Enjoy Free Internet

How to Increase Jio 4G Speed : Bypass TRICK 3 (For Rooted Device)

  • First of all, you have to Download 3G/4G Speed Optimizer on your Mobile Phone
  • Now, Open the App
  • Now, you have to select the Network Speed and choose 12/28/7 Option.
  • Then, make click on Apply Tweak
  • Now, Restart your Mobile phone.
  • Congro! your trick is successfully completed.
  • Enjoy free internet

How to Bypass Jio 1GB 4G Limit: TRICK 4 (Using Proxy Method )

  • Follow our simple steps to grab this offer.
  • Firstly Go to Phone settings >> Mobile Networks >> Select Jio Sim >> Create New Access Point Name.
  • APN Name: Oyelecoupons
  • Enter APN – JIONET
  • APN Type – Default
  • Enter Proxy – and Port 80
  • Server – www.google.com
  • After all above steps, you have to save all settings and make this APN as default APN.
  • Now, Restart your device then start using free jio 4g data
  • Enjoy Free Internet

How to Increase Jio 4G Limit Bypass: TRICK 5 (Using Apn Method)

  • Follow our simple steps to grab this offer.
  • Firstly, you have to  Set your Apn as JIONET and Select Apn Protocol as ipv4/ipv6. (Leave all other fields)
  • Now, Use Jio data till 3.6 Gb In Case of 4gb and Use 700MB in Case of 1Gb.
  • Now, Download 3 to 5 Videos Using Youtube via IDM.
  • When You will reach your 900mb Your Download will Automatically stop.
  • You Just have to resume it, If It will resume and you”LL get Proper speed then Enjoy unlimited 4g Full Day otherwise Follow steps.
  • Open Settings and Select apn Protocol to ipv6 only.
  • Now use 50 – 60 MB Data and restart Your device.
  • Now again change protocol to Ipv4/ipv6 and Resume your Downloads.
  • You will Bypass Jio Daily data limit, Now you will get Unlimited Jio 4g speed with Unlimited data.
  • Enjoy Unlimited Data

How to Bypass Jio 1GB 4G Internet Limit: Trick 6 (Using Vpn Method)

  • Follow our simple steps to grab this offer.
  • Firstly, you have to Download any free VPN which have Germany or USA server.
  • Now, Connect your Data using jio net apn.
  • Then, connect Vpn by Germany or USA server.
  • Congro!You will see Improvement in your speed and also You can Use Unlimited data with 4g speed.

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